Hi all,
what do you think about to do small modification in the Makefile
I propose this because of link error on my Linux box (AltLinux Desktop).
As I undestood, this is because of using --as-needed linker flag as default on that Linux. So AltLinux team suggests to put -l<lib> arguments after obj-files as this is more standard-compliant
(see also http://www.gentoo.org/proj/en/qa/asneeded.xml)

So, my try for Linux:
   OS = Linux
-  PICOLISP-FLAGS = -m32 -rdynamic -lc -lm -ldl
+  PICOLISP-FLAGS = -m32 -rdynamic
   DYNAMIC-LIB-FLAGS = -m32 -shared -export-dynamic
+  LIBS = -lc -lm -ldl
   STRIP = strip
$(bin)/picolisp: $(picoFiles:.c=.o)
   mkdir -p $(bin) $(lib)
-  gcc -o $(bin)/picolisp$(exe) $(PICOLISP-FLAGS) $(picoFiles:.c=.o)
+  gcc -o $(bin)/picolisp$(exe) $(PICOLISP-FLAGS) $(picoFiles:.c=.o) $(LIBS)
   $(STRIP) $(bin)/picolisp$(exe)


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