Hi Boh Yap,

> I can also confirm it builds and passes test OK on Snow Leopard Mac OSX.

Great! Thanks.

> backgrnd... should I wait for the 64 bit version? And if so how much
> longer?

While the 64-bit version itself is finished, and quite good tested on
Linx meanwhile, building it on Snow Leopard is not clear yet.

As I understand it, the GNU assembler 'as' - where the 64-bit version
depends on - is either not installed on Snow Leopard, or not even
available. From what I've heard there is only a 32-bit assembler. Or is
it just a default mode, and 64-bits can be easily switched on?

It would be great if you could investigate the matter. The Makefile in
the "src64/" directory is already prepared for "Darwin" but I think this
does not fit (especially suspicious is the MACOSX_DEPLOYMENT_TARGET=10.4

- Alex
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