Hi all,

now I finished a first working version of the basic wiki system.

"working" in the sense that it can manage its own pages. That is, the
start page "www.picolisp.com" is in the DB, it can be modified and

This is a "Zero-GUI" / "Zero-Parser" implementation. The GUI is just the
default standard GUI of picoLisp, and the "parser" does nothing, which
means that the "wiki pages" are still written directly in HTML.

As we don't have the Mercury repository running yet, I've put the
sources into a single TGZ file for anyone interested. You can fetch them

   $ wget picolisp.com/5000/wiki/firstVersion.tgz

As before, you can also try it online via "picolisp.com". You could
create new pages, or modify existing ones. All changes are recorded in a
history of (non-modifiable) versions of each page. A "Preview" button
lets you view changes, then "Save" will create a new entry in the
history and store the new version.

Creating links is still a bit tricky. All pages are generated in the
"wiki/pages/" directory, with a name consisting of the ID of that '+Doc'
object, with ".html" appended. This name is printed on top of the
document pages, e.g. "Start page -- wiki/pages/4.html".

So when you want to refer from one page to the other, you should first
create the new document, remember that name, then edit the referrer and
put the name into a '<a href' link (as I did on the bottom of the start

So that's my first primitive proposal for a wiki. Now we need a code
repository, a wiki parser/renderer, some GUI design, and many ideas :-)

- Alex
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