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Dear PicoLispers,

This is my first post on this list. I maintain blog on Lisp, mostly about Newlisp, which shares similar philosophy to PicoLisp. Among other articles, there are few simple benchmarks designed to measure speed of eval in various Lisp implementation. I recently added benchmark results for PicoLisp. If you are interested to see how it compares to other Lisp implementations regarding eval take a look here:

or just Google Majorinc PicoLisp (without quotes)


Kazimir Majorinc

On 30.1.2010 12:48, Jon Kleiser wrote:

Kazimir's mail arrived empty in my Thunderbird, and doesn't show at all in
the PicoLisp mail archive here:
.. just like the mail from Eugene a while back.


Hello Kazimir,

thank you for performing the tests! Interesting to see :-)
And thanks for keeping up the spirit of Lisp!

- Alex

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