I just found conflicting stuff in my code, I have a relation looking like

(rel feeds    (+List +Ref +Link) NIL (+Feed))

In one place I have the following line:

(put> Usr 'feeds Feed)

But I also have the following class methods:

(dm addFeed> (F)
   (let Feeds (; This feeds)
      (push1 'Feeds F)
      (put!> This 'feeds Feeds)))

(dm removeFeed> (F)
   (put!> This 'feeds (delete F (; This feeds))))

The first example of assignment seems to imply that put> will automatically
take care of adding a new feed to the list, ie. not replacing the whole list
with a new list containing only one feed.

The second and third examples seems to imply though that put> isn't really
that smart and that the whole list needs to be replaced upon each change.

Which case is the correct case here?


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