Hi Jon,

> I wanted to delete my "imagetestopera" document from the wiki, but
> both the Edit and the Delete buttons are disabled. Why?

Oops, sorry!

There were two errors:

   - The "Member" role didn't have the "Delete" permission enabled.
     That's why that button was disabled for non-admin users.

   - Then a bug in "wiki/doc.l", checking for the "System" permission
     instead of the "Wiki" permission. That's why the "Edit" button was

I fixed both, and installed a new version. Would you try again?

> My idea was to post a few simple/basic PicoLisp questions on the
> wiki, for Alex or some other expert to answer. Would Forum: General
> be the right place?

Yes, this sounds good.

> I think the different Forum sections should have short
> guides/explanations under the forum headings that tell what kind of
> documents that belongs in each forum.

True, though this is not clear to me at the moment. Anybody who likes is
welcome to contribute of course.

- Alex
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