Hi Alex,

On 4/23/10 11:02 AM, Alexander Burger wrote:
Hi Jon,

I wanted to delete my "imagetestopera" document from the wiki, but
both the Edit and the Delete buttons are disabled. Why?

Oops, sorry!

There were two errors:

   - The "Member" role didn't have the "Delete" permission enabled.
     That's why that button was disabled for non-admin users.

   - Then a bug in "wiki/doc.l", checking for the "System" permission
     instead of the "Wiki" permission. That's why the "Edit" button was

I fixed both, and installed a new version. Would you try again?

Works fine. Thanks!

My idea was to post a few simple/basic PicoLisp questions on the
wiki, for Alex or some other expert to answer. Would Forum: General
be the right place?

Yes, this sounds good.

I think the different Forum sections should have short
guides/explanations under the forum headings that tell what kind of
documents that belongs in each forum.

True, though this is not clear to me at the moment. Anybody who likes is
welcome to contribute of course.

I now noticed that when I went here: http://picolisp.com/5000/-2-5.html
.. then there were short explanations under the forum names. I have now copied them to each forum page. (My user name now shows under almost every document, as if I have written all of them ... ;-)


- Alex

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