Hi all,

i'm going thru the wiki code. encountered `(extend)` in it but
couldn't find an example in the tutorial but found the definition in
the docs.

after reading thru, seems to me that *Class is used to change class
definitions (from wiki/er.l and doc/family.l). examining wiki/gui.l,
seems to me that class definitions (say +Doc) are kept in top-level.

execution flow now would look like:

a) define classes using `(extend)` or `(class)`
b) open the db
c) accept requests
d) do whatever
e) render the page
f) goto #c


1) am i on the right track so far?
2) as far as i can tell, only 1 db can be opened at any time. how does
one deal with multiple databases?

thanks for your patience. :)

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