Hi Edwin,

> logged in using admin/admin and it redirects me to:
> D=3D&*Evt=3D+1&*Got=3D_+2_+1

This is strange. Is this the URL the browser displays in its status

When httpGate is active, it should be

> and since OpenBSD is not officially supported, i'll just have to do

I cannot imagine that this is an OS problem.

What happens if you enter at the ':' prompt

   : (baseHRef)

I would expect: "http://localhost/13678";

And the variable '*Gate' should be set to "http"

   : *Gate
   -> "http"

If this is not the case, then 'httpGate' didn't properly communicate
with the server (or, in fact, isn't active at all, because it will
always either send "http" or "https").

Just to make sure (I think you already told us that), you are using the
current "picoLisp.tgz" release, right?

> after a cursory look at httpGate.c at around line 220, i think that's
> where URL rewriting happens. i'll look into that some more.

Correct. And the '*Gate' variable for the header is set in line 175.

- Alex
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