In the not yet completed Wiki article "The core language of PicoLisp" <http://picolisp.com/5000/-2-1L.html>, there's a paragraph "Declaring variables" where I read (re. 'let') that

"The values are not bound to the variables until execution of the prg has begun, so this excludes using v1 to set the value of v2 as in this example:"

This must be plain wrong, and that probably explains why the example is still missing. This is my counterexample:

: (let (X 3 Y (inc X)) Y)
-> 4

This Wiki article really needs to be completed. I'm a bit reluctant to touch it, because if I do, I feel I have to make sure the entire article is OK, since my name will show at the bottom for a good while. ;-) Maybe it's better to remove this article temporarily ...?

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