Hi Alex,

On 10/12/10 7:35 AM, Alexander Burger wrote:
This Wiki article really needs to be completed. I'm a bit reluctant
to touch it, because if I do, I feel I have to make sure the entire

I was hoping that the original author danelliottster would react, but I
notice that he already unsubstribed from the mailing list. So he seems
to be no longer interested :(

article is OK, since my name will show at the bottom for a good
while. ;-) Maybe it's better to remove this article temporarily ...?

I would be glad if you'd take over ;-)

That's a possibility. I can't say exactly when, but something needs to be done quick. ;-)

I'll better not do that, as I wrote about my view of the core language
in other places (e.g. the references).

- Alex

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