Hi Dexen,

>>> Alex, please add a feature to reset the password, as I don't
>>> remember
>> Thinking about it: What would be the best way?
> A rather popular aggregator known as Hacker News is using manual password 
> reset method.


There is even better way for a wiki.  Simply _don't_ use passwords.  The
first ever wiki http://c2.com/cgi/wiki doesn't use passwords and has
been running for ages.  What's better, provide a change management
mechanism and easy revert.  Picolisp people aren't vandals and those
that could be making damage won't be most likely bothered because of
such a small reach of this wiki.  The first picolisp wiki picoWiki
http://logand.com/picoWiki/ started before Wed, 08 Oct 2008, doesn't use
passwords and never had vandals so far (unfortunately, no contributors


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