Hi all,

I'm tinkering with the app/main.l code, specifically:

(de go ()
   (pw 12)
   (task (port 4040)  # Set up query server in the background
      (let? Sock (accept @)
         (unless (fork)  # Child process
            (in Sock
               (while (rd)
                  (out Sock
                     (pr (eval @)) ) ) )
            (bye) )
         (close Sock) ) )
   (server 8080 "@start") )

I use emacs and love running picolisp in an emacs buffer.  My problem is,
if I stop the server and try and restart it:

: (go)
!? (port 4040)
IP bind error: Address already in use

My question is, how do I "unbind" the port?  I've played around with
various incantations of (task 4040) and (close 4040) and can't seem to get
rid of the error without exiting and restarting picolisp.


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