Hi all,

after some lengthy discussions in IRC today, we decided to change some
sensitive features of the PicoLisp interpreter environment:

1. On the command line, debug mode can now enabled by appending a single
   '+' argument. This '+' will not be seen by the application, but will
   switch on '*Dbg' before any other command line argument is processed.
   So the following three commands are equivalent:

      $ ./dbg

      $ ./p +

      $ pil +  # If bin/pil was copied to /usr/bin as recommended

2. *Tsm, the transient symbol markup (the underlining of transient
   symbols) is now off by default. "lib/tsm.l" can be loaded to switch
   it on.

3. The interpreter does not exit automatically any more when an empty
   line is entered on the top level. To exit the interpreter, either
   Ctrl-D or and explicit (bye) must be typed.

Hope this is all right for everybody! :)

A testing version is available (http://software-lab.de/picoLisp.tgz).
Concerning the documentation: I'm not sure if I fixed all relevant

Jeronimo Pellegrini: Is there something to be watched out for OpenWrt?
At least it is no longer necessary to remove the *Tsm setting from

- Alex
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