On Tuesday, January 18, 2011 06:02:30 pm you wrote:
> after some lengthy discussions in IRC today, we decided to change some
> sensitive features of the PicoLisp interpreter environment:
> 1. On the command line, debug mode can now enabled by appending a single
>    '+' argument. This '+' will not be seen by the application, but will
>    switch on '*Dbg' before any other command line argument is processed.
>    So the following three commands are equivalent:
>       $ ./dbg
>       $ ./p +
>       $ pil +  # If bin/pil was copied to /usr/bin as recommended
> 2. *Tsm, the transient symbol markup (the underlining of transient
>    symbols) is now off by default. "lib/tsm.l" can be loaded to switch
>    it on.
> 3. The interpreter does not exit automatically any more when an empty
>    line is entered on the top level. To exit the interpreter, either
>    Ctrl-D or and explicit (bye) must be typed.
> Hope this is all right for everybody! :)

Sounds good :)

the last change is especially welcame for me ;)

dexen deVries

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