Hi Alex,

>    Articles & Essays  ->  Array Abstinence

well, abstinence often leads to frustration;-)

> So I felt I should try to explain my view more clearly, and wrote a
> little article in the wiki. It is a bit too short, perhaps, and
> perhaps even increases the confusion :(

Nice article.

> Regarding all that, it should become clear that wasting tag bits and
> efforts for such a data type and its associated functions is not a
> good idea.

You mention a few times "wasting tag bits".  Isn't the other and maybe
more important point that arrays would not work with the way current
garbage collection works?  Basically, the heap would become
non-homogeneous and fragmented, breaking the beauty, simplicity and
efficiency of current heap management.

> If there is a choice between arrays or lists, lists will clearly win.

That's rather subjective and vague assertion in the middle of the
article, maybe it should be at the end as a conclusion;-)


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