> Perhaps you might also want to publish it in the PicoLisp google code
> repository?
Sure, why not.

>   I don't understand why that such a helper script is necessary.

It was a (perhaps foolish) attempt to handle the case of nonexistent
symlinks to picolisp and lib.l. Also, since I know of no way of finding out
the path of the file currently being executed from within picolisp, I made
the helper script to find out the path of getopts.l. If there is a standard
directory structure, it will not be needed. For now, I have included getopts
in the main script and deleted the helper script.

>   In a similar way, it seems to me that (getopts) is a little overkill.

  But there are surely situations where it might be extremely useful.

The intention was to create something reusable in other scripts to make the
tools more appealing to non-picolispers.

  Using recur/recurse instead of a loop is interesting. I suspect,
>   however, that using 'loop' or 'for' would also work.
Changed "(recur .. (when" to "(while".

  Line 91: (out 2 (prinl (pack (rest))))
>         the above expression would reduce to
>           (out 2 (pass prinl))
Thanks, changed accordingly.

  Line 155: (let H (tail 2 (cons "0" (chop (hex Num))))
>      The (cons "0" ..) seems to be to guarantee a minimum of two digits
>      in the list. Instead, you could use (pad 2 (hex Num)).
hex2 redefined. Perhaps the fact that (pad) also accepts symbols could be
clarified in the documentation?

  Line 166: (unless (= "Success" (catch '(NIL) (main) "Success"))
>        Even better might be
>           (when (catch '(NIL) (nil (main)))
Neat! Also, I found a couple of other uses for (nil) in my program.


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