On Sat, Mar 05, 2011 at 05:10:12PM +0100, meingbg wrote:
> symlinks to picolisp and lib.l. Also, since I know of no way of finding out
> the path of the file currently being executed from within picolisp, I made

Does 'file' help in this case? Is suspect rather not. It returns the
path name of the current input file, but this depends of course on how
it was 'load'ed.

> the helper script to find out the path of getopts.l. If there is a standard
> directory structure, it will not be needed. For now, I have included getopts

Yes. As Jose suggested, it could be accessible along the line of

> hex2 redefined. Perhaps the fact that (pad) also accepts symbols could be
> clarified in the documentation?

Indeed. The reference is wrong here, as it specifies just a 'num'.

- Alex
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