Hi Ana,

> is it safe to assume that all (if not most) code in lisp is a function
> (or is it procedure) call?

Yes, I would say so.

I must confess that personally I don't pay much attention to differences
between functions and procedures. I would call them all functions,
albeit some may have no arguments (and thus are more like procedures).

> creating a lisp function is a function call to (de). calling (def) is
> a function call to set a symbol's val. eventually any function call
> would call a C-implemented function. and so forth.


> the only exception i noticed is calling a symbol without the parens
> which would call EVAL() and return something depending on how the
> symbol was defined.
> did i miss anything here? are the terms that i used correct?

Yes. I would add numbers to the terminology, which return "themselves".

> i apologize if you find the question naive. picolisp is my first (and
> hopefully only) LISP.

No problem! Please let us know which issues may create confusion.

- Alex
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