it seems to me that elisp and picolisp are close relatives in the lisp
familiy, and I wonder if it would be possible to convert elisp code to
picolisp code - and how difficult this would be?

There have been apparently successful attempts to convert elisp to scheme (
http://www-pu.informatik.uni-tuebingen.de/users/knauel/selc-ifl.pdf), and
scheme is very different from elisp. I was thinking about `refactoring` the
text in *.el files to a syntax that picolisp can understand, but that might
be too naive.

All the (1800 ?) primitive C functions in elisp were problematic when
porting elisp to scheme, but maybe thats not the case with picolisp. Of
course the thousands of buffer functions etc are meaningless in picolisp,
since there are no buffers in the gui framework. But maybe one could connect
the conkeror webbrowser (http://conkeror.org/), a fine javascript browser
modeled closely after emacs, to the gui framework of picolisp and map the
emacs buffer commands etc to the related conkeror concepts (it has buffers,
keymaps ...).

Then suddenly many of those emacs modes and libraries would make sense in
picolisp, and with more than 1 million lines of elisp code available the
claims that 'picolisp has no libraries' would stop.


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