Randall Dow <r...@randix.net> writes:

> Windows has the "NUL" (or is it "NULL") device.

so I might define a function 'no-out' that calls either

 | (out "/dev/null". prg)


 | (out "NULL". prg)

depending on the OS. In elisp there is the variable 'system-name' to
find out about the OS. Is there something similar in picolisp (I could
not find anything)?

On which OS is picolisp running currently, I read quite a lot of post
about porting it to other OS here recently.

That inhibition of any writing to STDOUT should basically work on all
platforms that support both - emacs and picolisp. 

> On Oct 8, 2011, at 5:13 AM, Thorsten wrote:
>> I need a way to inhibit any writing to STDOUT in a PicoLisp codeblock. I
>> found the following, what seems to work just fine on Linux: 
>> ,------------------------
>> | (out "/dev/null" . prg)
>> `------------------------
>> But what about Windows and other platforms (without /dev/null)? Is there
>> a generic, platform-independent way to achieve the same thing? 


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