Hi Thorsten,

> depending on the OS. In elisp there is the variable 'system-name' to
> find out about the OS. Is there something similar in picolisp (I could
> not find anything)?

Yes, it is the global '*OS'. Its value is determined at build-time, from
the variable 'OS' in "src/Makefile" or "src64/Makefile". In these files
you can also see the possible values.

> On which OS is picolisp running currently, I read quite a lot of post
> about porting it to other OS here recently.

As a general rule, "full" PicoLisp runs only on POSIX systems.

Primarily, it runs on Linux. This was the initially supported platform.

The 32-bit version also builds and runs under MS-Windows on Cygwin (with
some limitations).

The Java-version (ErsatzLisp, "ersatz/pil") is special. It doesn't
support the '*OS' global, and should run on any system where a 1.6 Java
Runtime Environment is installed. ErsatzLisp also has some limitations
(see "ersatz/README").

- Alex
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