I'm trying to write a simple java web server using the simpleframework. I'm
close, but I process anything in the method handler:

(de handler (request response) (java response 'close))
(setq cont (interface "org.simpleframework.http.core.Container" 'handle
(setq con (java "org.simpleframework.transport.connect.SocketConnection" T
(setq addr (java "java.net.InetSocketAddress" T 8005))
(java con 'connect addr)

When I run this and then curl http://localhost:8005 I get the following

java.lang.IllegalAccessException: Class PicoLisp$Number can not access a
of class org.simpleframework.http.core.ResponseEntity with modifiers

I've tried every other method I can think of from this doc:

If I intentionally put a missing method in, it correctly reports it:
(de handler (request response) (java response 'close2))
: !? (java response 'close2)
java.lang.NoSuchMethodException: close2

If my handler is this, I get a response.
(de handler (request response) (prinl response))
: HTTP/1.1 200 OK

I need to be able access the request/response to process it. I am not sure
if I need to use javac because of the interface but then I'm not sure how
I'd add picolisp code to process the request/response.

Thanks for any help

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