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> Could it be that they come with new default settings/behavior making
> them simply reject sites using self signed certs?

There are two problems at once:
1) the cert is self-signed, but you can add exception for it and that's OK
2) the cert only covers *.7fach.de domains. So `app.7fach.de' is covered, but 
bare `7fach.de' is not, and neither is `wiki.picolisp.com'

Perhaps strangely, in case of wildcard certificates, the important part is the 
`Certificate Subject Alt Name' field. For example, one of my websites has:

DNS Name: *.example.pl
DNS Name: example.pl

that is, both *.DOMAIN.pl and DOMAIN.pl

You can put several records here, so both *.7fach.de, 7fach.de, picolisp.com 
and *.picolisp.com are covered.

dexen deVries


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