More a comment on the wiki, rather than your Android article. I guess
its a subjective choice as to where one files such things (articles vs
examples vs ...). It would be great if the wiki had some kind of
automatic changelog, where new additions & edits to existing pages are
listed in LIFO order. Easier to find new stuff then :)

       Imran Rafique

On 23 February 2012 07:42, Joe Bogner <> wrote:
> Doug Snead's recent posts have encouraged me to write up my progress along
> similar lines with getting PicoLisp to work on Android.
> I have a functioning web server. My approach was to cross compile on unix
> and then copy the binary to the device.
> If anyone has any input on the issue at the end I would appreciate it.
> I also uploaded the code in case I decide to remove it off my public
> dropbox.
> Thanks and I look forward to any comments!
> Joe

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