Sorry I should add to my last message that when I actually navigate to
the page with the Chart code I listed I get the following error:

(D Pre)
D -- Undefined

The underlying record has no skills as yet. The

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From: Konrad Zielinski <>
Date: Fri, Feb 24, 2012 at 10:27 AM
Subject: Re: How do Relations and gui objects hook together.

My Latest linkage of data to GUI is related to a Bag Relation

On the DB side I have

(class +Monster +Entity)
(rel skills (+List +Bag) (((+String)) ((+Number))))

and on the Web side I Have
(gui '(+E/R +Chart) '(skills : home obj) 2)
 (<grid> 2
                   "Skill" "level"
                   (do (+ (length (get *ID 'skills)) 1)
                       (gui 1 '(+TextField) *Skills)
                       (gui 2 '(+TextField) diestr diestr 5)))

Note diestr translates between the Number and a string representation
of the number. Like other such functions
found in standard picolisp it works in both directions.

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