Hi Konrad,

as ever, I didn't run the code. But what catches my eye is a mistype:

> This is the class definition:
> (class +Adversary +Entity)
> ...
>           (select (@@)
>             ((nm +Advisery @Nm) (tp +Adversary @Tp))
I wouldn't expect this to crash the search, though, just no or fewer
search results.

> When I try to use it causes a Segfault as soon as I press the Search
> button.  I suspect the problem is in the +QueryChart
> I've tried to debug the goal select but when I run  it directly it
> seems to work just fine.


> As far as I can see I've followed the logic
> in the sample applications so I'm at a loss as to what might be
> failing.

In the rest of the code I cannot see an obvious problem at the moment.
Perhaps you can try to trace the execution to find out where exactly it

- Alex
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