Hi List,

I'm on my way to publish (in cooperation with Alex) a 'PicoLisp Bible'
with (almost) everything written about PicoLisp collected and organized
in one single book. I will be the editor (and author of a few articles
from the wiki), most of the articles will be (of course) from Alex, but
e.g. Henrik gave the permission to include his tutorial series on
ProDevTips too. 

Every article will be published under the name of its author, I'm only
the editor who merges everything together. It should be more or less a
non-profit project, the (likely) costs will be paid for by me, the
(unlikely) profits will reimburse me for all the work to put the book

So, if you have anything PicoLisp related in your mind you always wanted
to write an article or essay about - now would be the perfect time.
Maybe you have written a library and want for explain its use, or you
can describe an interesting practical use case, or maybe your IDE/Editor
setup for PicoLisp. There are so many interesting aspects about PicoLisp
that would be worth to document. 

The idea is that you write your articles in the 'articles and essays'
section of the PicoLisp wiki, from where it is easy to download them as
tex files (to be merged into the book). 

So this is a CALL FOR PAPERS for the 'PicoLisp Bible', the deadline would
be (more or less) the 1st of September, please let me (us) know if you
are interested and planning to contribute something. 


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