Hi Alex,

For quite some time I've felt that the ref. documentation for the 'for' forms could need some improvements. The 'for' function is a very important function, and for most people who are new to PicoLisp, it will be one of the first functions they will have to learn. At the same time, the 'for' function has so many forms and options that a non-Lisper may have a hard time figuring out how to use it. That's why I have tried to enhance the docs for this function.

What I've done is (a) inserted a few <br> line breaks so that the descriptions of the three forms are separated, and so that it will be a little clearer that the sentence starting with "If a clause has NIL or T .." may apply to all the three forms. Then (b) I have organized the examples into three groups, one group for each form, adding examples for the first form (that was entirely missing). Take a look at (and copy what you like from) my enhanced docs here:

Please verify that I have done the three example groups correctly. ;-)

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