Hi Jon,

> For quite some time I've felt that the ref. documentation for the
> 'for' forms could need some improvements. The 'for' function is a

Very true!

> What I've done is (a) inserted a few <br> line breaks so that the
> descriptions of the three forms are separated, and so that it will
> be a little clearer that the sentence starting with "If a clause has
> NIL or T .." may apply to all the three forms. Then (b) I have
> organized the examples into three groups, one group for each form,
> adding examples for the first form (that was entirely missing). Take
> a look at (and copy what you like from) my enhanced docs here:
> <http://folk.uio.no/jkleiser/pico/doc/refF.html#for>

Great! You are right, now it is much better.

Many thanks! I've incorporated your changes.

- Alex
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