Hi List, 
I have a rather strange problem:

I want to (from within Emacs)

| (setq X (list "string1" ... "string200"))

and it seems PicoLisp just freezes - no error messages, but no output
either, and the process seems to be frozen. 
Now when I split the list into 

| (setq Y (list "string1" ... "string100"))
| (setq Z (list "string101" ... "string200"))

both evaluations work, and quite fast. I could make Y even smaller and Z
bigger - until a certain limit (Y = 25, Z = ca. 180 or so), and both
assignments work just fine. But when I add both parts together, PicoLisp
freezes again when assigning X.

Is there something like an upper limit for how many Strings can be in a
list in PicoLisp? Or might that be Emacs related?

200 or 300 are not really that big numbers ...


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