The last thread on this list related to this topic was probably the one I
started in June last year, here:

I know next to nothing about 64-bit Intel assembly or ELF and Mach
executable formats, and I have probably only scratched the surface of
PicoLisp. I really would like to see 64-bit PicoLisp running on Mac OSX,
but unfortunately, the time I have available for PicoLisp matters is
rather restricted. However, I'll try to help if there's something I can


> Hello there, list!
> Is there anyone who's actively working on porting the 64-bit source of
> picoLisp to OSX?
> Can anybody point me to any (partial) work on the matter or discussions on
> the major hiccups a coder would have to face?
> Thanks!
> Ciao,
> Illo.
> PS: I'm no expert at picoLisp, 64-bit intel assembly or ELF and Mach
> executable formats, but embarking on such an adventure would be a good
> excuse for learning them.--

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