Hi List, 

I just published a new GNU Emacs major mode for editing files with the
PicoLisp-Wiki syntax. You can either clone the gitrepo or download the
el file here: 

| https://github.com/tj64/picolisp-wiki-mode

For Emacs users, the mode should make it super-convenient to write and
edit articles for the PicoLisp wiki. You can insert all markups with
easy keybindings, mostly without moving point. E.g., when inserting a
ordered list (C-c C-l o) , you will find point inside the braces of
the first list item and you can start typing the text. From inside this
item, inserting the next item with C-c C-l i will move point inside the
braces of the properly inserted and indented next item. 

The wiki markup is made visible by fontification. You can even use the
features of outline-mode/org-mode: navigate from headline to headline,
and use visibility-cycling on the headlines. 

This is still version 0.9. See HISTORY.org in the github-repo for bugs
and things to do to make it version 1.0. 

*Request for comments/help*:
The most important feature to make this mode *really* useful does
probably already exist, but needs to be figured out and described:
remotely access the PicoLisp-Wiki from within Emacs, probably using
*Tramp*, (add and) edit wiki files in picolisp-wiki-mode, then save them
on the server - without ever touching the web-interface. 

I'm not quite sure if and how this would work with the PicoLisp-Wiki,
since due to its dynamic nature (are there really 'files' involved?) it
might be a 'special case'. 


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