Thorsten Jolitz <>

> *Request for comments/help*:
> The most important feature to make this mode *really* useful does
> probably already exist, but needs to be figured out and described:
> remotely access the PicoLisp-Wiki from within Emacs, probably using
> *Tramp*, (add and) edit wiki files in picolisp-wiki-mode, then save them
> on the server - without ever touching the web-interface. 
> I'm not quite sure if and how this would work with the PicoLisp-Wiki,
> since due to its dynamic nature (are there really 'files' involved?) it
> might be a 'special case'. 

A quick consulting with Alex confirmed that the PicoLisp-Wiki is indeed
a 'special-case' and the way to go is to use the web-interface for
accessing and navigating the wiki and Emacs for externally editing the

For an overall "Emacs-like" experience, using and configuring the
Conkeror webbrowser seems to be a good idea: 




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