On Fri, Oct 26, 2012 at 11:57:34AM +0200, Axel Svensson wrote:
> > my idea is to add an Emacs-like command line to PicoLisp. I thought this
> Is there anything you want that's not supported by the GNU readline
> library? Since this library is so popular, it's been well tested
> during the years. Maybe it be possible to create picolisp bindings for
> it?

In fact, there is already a simple version in the PicoLisp distribution,
in "lib/readline.l". It is for pil32.

In pil64, 'readline' can be directly called via 'native':

   (de *Led (native "/lib64/libreadline.so.5" "readline" 'S NIL))

but this has a memory leak iirc. I haven't investigated closely.

The problem with both solutions is that they don't integrate as well as
"lib/led.l" with the PicoLisp runtime environment (e.g. tab completion
on the currently existing internal symbols, locking of the history
file), but this can probably be improved upon.

- Alex
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