Hi all,

for the 64-bit version at last we have a long-missed feature: A
substantial backtrace mechanism.

Until now, the runtime stack didn't store enough information to make
this possible. Now there is

- a new function 'trail', which returns the complete backtrace as a
  list. Staying with the hype-terminology, we may call this a "first
  class backtrace" ... OK, just kidding, no big thing :)

- an extension to 'up' which returns the current expressions (or the nth
  expression if a numeric argument is passed)

Note that 'up' now allows to implement things which were until now only
possible in FSUBRs (i.e. on assembly level), because the CAR of the
expression (the function or method) are not passed to EXPRs or FEXPRs.

It is trivial to pretty-print the 'trail' list (for an example, see the
reference), and store such a mechanism in e.g. '*Err'.

- Alex
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