> for the 64-bit version at last we have a long-missed feature: A
> substantial backtrace mechanism.


> - a new function 'trail', which returns the complete backtrace as a
>   list. Staying with the hype-terminology, we may call this a "first
>   class backtrace" ... OK, just kidding, no big thing :)

If the "first class" backtrace would be modifiable programmatically,
it would allow for a whole new range of control structures, in some
aspect possibly going beyond what's implementable by call/cc. That
would be a big thing.

> - an extension to 'up' which returns the current expressions (or the nth
>   expression if a numeric argument is passed)
> Note that 'up' now allows to implement things which were until now only
> possible in FSUBRs (i.e. on assembly level), because the CAR of the
> expression (the function or method) are not passed to EXPRs or FEXPRs.

I proposed this feature on Jan 26, 2012, so at least for me this is
also a long-missed feature. This will among other things allow
redefinition of the message passing (or method execution) function,
and a 'defmacro' that is cleaner than my example from a week ago.

Question: How hard would it be to extend 'up' the same way in pil32?
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