Alexander Burger <> writes:

Hi Alex,

>> Would that be hard to implement?
> Not sure. Does anybody know where emacs stores its clipboard? If it is a
> file (or accesible via some well-defined mechanism), it would be easy. I
> suspect this is not the case (?).

Emacs (since version 24) now out-of-the-box uses "the clipboard" too,
i.e. the recently cut text is copied to the Emacs kill-ring and to the
clipboard, and when text was cut in another application more recently
than in Emacs, paste in Emacs uses the clipboard instead of the Emacs
Thats somehow a very intuitive behaviour, without thinking about it, one
expects this to happen. 

Here is a link about Emacs use of the clipboard:

There seem to be one clipboard for all applications, that is used by
Emacs too. 

Here is a text about how to copy and paste from the command line to the

| xsel and xclip are command line programs that can redirect the
| contents of the Xorg server clipboard. The Xorg server has two
| clipboards: the common right-click > Copy, and one for the
| middle-mouse click.

Maybe its quite easy to do this (and maybe I should even try it myself).
But although this is a feature request, its definitely not high



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