Hi Thorsten and José,

in addition what you have already discussed:

> mark-up syntax is usually symmetric, i.e. the end-tag looks like a
> 180° mapping of the start-tag (e.g. the JSP Scriplet <% ... %>). 
> This makes parsing the file and constructing regexp much easier, because
> its always clear which end-tag belongs to which start-tag. 

I don't agree that it makes parsing easier.

The parsing itself only involves the start pattern. Then the parsed data
extends till the closing '}'. A regular expression with all its overhead
is neither needed nor used in the wiki. The stream can simply and
efficiently be read on a character-by-character basis.

Having to parse two characters at the end make things more complicated,
especially to decide what to do with the second character. It can be
used only for error checks (markup balance), but what to do upon an
error? Where to print the error message? Into the generated document?

I don't think that its necessarily ugly, though. Symmetric markup might
make it easier for the _human_ to read.

- Alex
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