Hi Mansur,

> For building 64bit version you will need working picolisp interpreter (e.g. 
> 32bit one or java version) or asm-files, 
> you can get them here:
> http://dl.dropbox.com/u/54259642/picoLisp/picoLisp-FreeBSD-x86-64.tgz

or from the PicoLisp download page


together with the other versions


All these files are released automatically whenever the system changes.

> As I know, "/usr/include/" is not 32bit-aware on 64bit FreeBSD installation, 
> so for building of 32bit interpreter on these systems you will need 32-bit 
> jail or "include"-directory tree from 32bit system.
> So easiest way I see for those who has not java installed is extracting 
> asm-files from picoLisp-FreeBSD-x86-64.tgz into src64/ and doing:
> "cd src64 && gmake"

Thanks for the info!

♪♫ Alex
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