Hi Mansur,

> I tried different options, also without stripping, but with no success.
> Perhaps someone can help to write small assembly program with shared
> library for test dlopen/dlsym calls?

What did you use for the 'LD-SHARED' linker options? The Makefile of
'pil32' uses "-shared -export-dynamic" for FreeBSD (in addition to
"-m32" which obviously doesn't make sense here). Perhaps this works
for 64-bits too?

An assembly program is probably not so helpful. Does FreeBSD have
the 'ltrace' utility? If so, you could do

   $ ltrace bin/picolisp 2>xxx
   : (ht:Prin 123)

and then look into 'xxx' for something like

   dlopen("lib/ht", 257)                            = 0x011700f0
   dlsym(0x011700f0, "Prin")                        = 0x7fe3f3f9f222

I use 'gdb' in such cases to single-step through the program, but that's
not what I would really recommend ;-)

♪♫ Alex
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