Hi Rowan,

> Sorry if I am posting this to the wrong place (if so, please let me
> know where is the right place). I am trying to report a bug in the
> latest version of the picolisp-wiki, and can't find where to do that

This list is a good place to report bugs. The wiki is more intended to
post documentation and articles, and usually not read on a regular bases
so that a bug report may not be noticed for quite some time.

> (passwd) function ->
>   wiki/init.l line 16
>   wiki/user.l line 22
> I have a standard install of the latest picolisp, socialshareprivacy,

The 'passwd' function was added to PicoLisp very recently (two days
ago), and new releases of both PicoLisp and the Wiki sources were done
at that time.

So please fetch the latest tarball, e.g.

   $ wget software-lab.de/picoLisp.tgz

and everything should work.

♪♫ Alex
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