re: Rpi:
re: Debian Linux: as downloaded from

gcc reported -m32 as an invalid option. I removed it.

after building picoLisp:

/pil ./app/main.l -main -go +

!? (port 4040)
IP socket error: Address family not supported by protocol
The default Debian download is ipv4.

per Alex:
"If you absolutely have to use IPv4, you might download an older version,
e.g., but this is rather

There may be a newer version of Debian w/ ipv6 support. When last I checked
I found some "independent" builds; however it looked like the were as
likely to crash, as not.


re: Rpi:
re: Arch Linux:

Arch on Rpi supports ipv6 and worked (I think after removing -m32, as
above, in the make file. I will have to look for my notes.)

Has anyone tried PicoLisp on a Google Nexus device w/ Ubuntu Touch?


On Thu, Mar 21, 2013 at 5:16 PM, Tomas Hlavaty <> wrote:

> Hi Rick,
> > Which OS / arm board combination are you using?
> linux, pandaboard, beagleboard, rpi.
> Cheers,
> Tomas
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