Hi Herman,

On 13-05-13 14:29 , Tamas Herman wrote:
hey jon,

i haven't had a look at c9 for over a year now, so i checked on it
today and i see they give a full shell in some kind of chroot on their
own servers, then u can deploy to heroku too and finally they can even
collaborate thru your own servers via ssh.

just out of curiosity, how do u run picolisp on c9?

This far, I've only done, in the C9 Terminal, exactly the same as I do on my Mac, except on C9 I use 64-bit PicoLisp. To be able to access my toy web app from the outside, however, I'll probably have to "set the IP to which the socket should bind", to That's what they do in their node.js example ... http.createServer(...).listen(process.env.PORT, process.env.IP); // the IP env. variable is (normally)

I'll see if I can manage something similar in PicoLisp ... ;-)

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