Hi Oskar,

> I builded the 64-bit version again, got a new ht file and 'ht:Pack'
> is defined. (The timestamp on the files showed me I builded the
> 32-bit on top of the 64-bit)

Fine. That explains it.

> And now the 32-bit version is showing 'ht:Pack' undefined :)
> Better not run them in one installation?

It is no problem if you unpack and build the tarball in two separate
directories. I have usually several version running on a single machine.
One of them you can make "global" by setting the symbolic links as
described in INSTALL.

The others can be used by giving eplicit path names, e.g.

   $ ./pil +

   $ /foo/bar/pil +


♪♫ Alex
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