Hi Oskar,

On 22-05-13 12:09 , Oskar Wieland wrote:
Hi Jon,

guessing from your code I'd try:

(when (= '("/" "/") (tail 1 (chop Path)))

 instead of

(when (= '("/" "/") (tail 2 (chop Path)))

No, it has to be "tail 2", as I want to detect when Path ends with "//" ...

: (= '("/" "/") (tail 2 (chop "doc//")))
-> T
: (= '("/" "/") (tail 1 (chop "doc//")))
-> NIL

I can't get your code running, only the following error msg popping up:

? !? (ht:Pack Lst)
ht:Pack -- Undefined

Do I have to modify the 64-bit version, if yes, in what way?

Do you have any idea?

all the best

No, you don't have to do any modifications (unless you're going to run it at c9.io), at least it works for me on standard 32-bit. Did you try this with my tiny web server code? That's where the libs are loaded:

(load "lib/http.l" "lib/xhtml.l" "lib/form.l")

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