Hi Oskar,

> Maybe I didn't made myself clear enough, the link shows what I'm
> trying to do:
> Lisp, Opengl and live editting of code:
> http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XLkUI89fgRI
> Is this possible with picoLisp?

Yes ... as I said in my last mail:

   Can we find out the socket fd where the events arrive on?

   If so, then I would trigger 'glutMainLoopEvent' whenever an event

   (task <socketFd> (glutMainLoopEvent))

So you must put the call to (glutMainLoopEvent) into a background task.
The same mechanism is used in the PicoLisp GUI, for example.

Then you have the normal ':' prompt and you can debug your program while
the OpenGL output runs in the separate X11 window.

But 'task' either requires a file descriptor (a positive number,
typically a socket) or a timeout value in milliseconds (a negative
number). The timeout is probably not so useful, so the question is if it
is possible to get hold of some file descriptor (socker, pipe or
whatever) where the X11 events are signalled.

♪♫ Alex
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