Hi Thorsten,

> I wonder if there is a way in PicoLisp to check if some function
> argument is a SEXP, i.e. if something like a function 'sexp? exists that
> returns T if the argument is a SEXP.

I'm a bit puzzled by this question. To my understanding, every possible
expression in PicoLisp is a SEXP. Even auto-quoting expressions like

   : T
   -> T

   : "abc"
   -> "abc"

   : (1 2 3)
   -> (1 2 3)

are SEXPs (though it might be argued that the last one is not, since it
doesn't contain any symbols).

> To complicate things a bit, I would actually need to check in PicoLisp
> if the argument given is an Emacs Lisp SEXP, but maybe it actually does

Is there any difference in Emacs Lisp in that regard?

> With so many occurences fo SEX in this post, I wonder if it will be
> filtered as SPAM or actually posted in the mailing list 

Worked :) And NSA will only read read (and not filter) it.

♪♫ Alex
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