Alexander Burger <> writes:

Hi Alex,

>> I wonder if there is a way in PicoLisp to check if some function
>> argument is a SEXP, i.e. if something like a function 'sexp? exists that
>> returns T if the argument is a SEXP.
> I'm a bit puzzled by this question. To my understanding, every possible
> expression in PicoLisp is a SEXP. Even auto-quoting expressions like

I'm puzzled too ...

>    : T
>    -> T
>    : "abc"
>    -> "abc"
>    : (1 2 3)
>    -> (1 2 3)
> are SEXPs (though it might be argued that the last one is not, since it
> doesn't contain any symbols).

.. and was a bit confused when asking, I probably meant 'list' instead of

e.g., when I filter function args that are given as unevaluated list,
and should be either names of existing files or Emacs Lisp expressions:

| (filter 'info CmdLineArgs)

| (filter '((X) (not (info X))) CmdLineArgs)

then invalid file names fall into category 'elisp expressions' and cause
errors later on. But its probably better to check the expressions of the
elisp side and this question is kind of obsolete, but thanks anyway. 

>> With so many occurences fo SEX in this post, I wonder if it will be
>> filtered as SPAM or actually posted in the mailing list 
> Worked :) And NSA will only read read (and not filter) it.

at least I sent it only once and are not classified as spammer now,
hopefully ;)



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