Hi Thorsten,

> I deal in PicoLisp with keyword symbols imported from Emacs Lisp that
> look like
> ,-----
> | :keyword
> `-----
> They probably should be uppercase due to PicoLisp naming conventions.
> However, isn't the ':' at the beginning enough to avoid conflicts with
> other global symbols? If that would be considered a legal deviation from

If they are global, lower case is OK.

The conventions say that "functions and global symbols" (other than
global variables) start with a lower case letter. It is "locally bound
symbols" that should start with upper case.

The ':' shouldn't conflict. You can find that out (after 'load'ing all
relevant files in debug mode) with

   : (what ":@")
   -> (: ::)

♪♫ Alex
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